As much as I appreciate statistics, homicides largely go unsolved and black people are 7 times more likely to be wrongfully convicted of murder than white people. So sorry if I seem unwilling to engage in rhetoric based on faulty data that further demonizes black people.

However, to the question of should someone call the cops if they’re being shot at: my response is do what you gotta do. In fact, in any scenario in which you feel inclined to call the police, literally all that I’m asking is that you think before you do it. That’s it. I want you to 1) accept that black and brown people are having different (read: negative) experiences with the police and 2) that by bringing the police into the situation, you may cause harm (whether physical or emotional). That’s all. And while I would hope that thinking before you act is a commonly held and practiced belief, given the continuous stories of white people calling the cops on black people for nothing, it apparently is not.

So if you agree that people shouldn’t be calling the police for mundane things, tell your white friends and family that.



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